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Nick How has released a new single, Keep Me Waiting and it has got the critics talking!


Australian Singer/Songwriter Nick How has just announced the release of his new single “Keep Me Waiting” and it’s getting noticed around the world.


Carina’s Playlists in Great Britain wrote:

“Keep Me Waiting is a nice acoustic track with Iconic great quality vocals evocative of the 80/90’s. Nice pre chorus harmonic transition and the chorus is catchy.”

The song has already enjoyed radio airplay in Brazil on Rock'nRoll Vibrations/Alternativa Rock and Radio Armazem and been featured in an article in Roadie Metal, Brazils largest emagazine for Rock and Heavy Metal. Keep Me Waiting has also enjoyed airplay in Mexico on Elroconrosaurio and has enjoyed some great reviews in Canada, the US, South America and Europe.


The premiere of this Acoustic Rock Ballad marks the first time Nick has written, recorded and produced music from his Australian home studio in Bushfield in Victoria’s South West. His decision to create a recording studio within his family home was one born of necessity during the COVID lockdowns.  He has also learned how to create and edit video from his home studio and you can view the clip for “Keep Me Waiting” here:


With Nick’s back catalogue consisting mostly of Hard Rock songs with his 2 bands Motorvators (1983-1998) and GinJan (2002-Present) it dwells on the softer, more sensitive side of his usual musical offerings and will bring in new listeners who are fans of the stripped back acoustic style of music.


Nick has been touring around Victoria playing solo shows and the song has enjoyed a great reaction at his live gigs. Nick’s special area of expertise is the infectious energy he generates at his live solo shows . For more information,  visit his website:


Thank you, for any further information, media grade photos, or comments please contact Nick directly on:

+61 408 355 269


Or email:


“Keep Me Waiting is a solid track with an 80's rock ballad vibe. Crisply delivered lead vocals sit amidst waves of rolling guitar, a dynamic live kit backbone pulse and a steady bass low end. Immersive and imaginative lyricism. Plenty of push and pull to the energy/arrangement. Synth atmospherics. A clean mix master. I appreciate the artistry here. Props are due!”      Music on the Moon   Canada

“I like the soulful interpretation, the lively sound, fine arrangements and the 80s spirit.”                  Rock Fueguino  Argentina

“This is good songwriting!”           The Wild is Calling     US

“Great energy. Nice progression in the song.”                 Owen Ferguson Canada

There are definately amazing vocals in here, very nice to listen to. Like the chilled vibe your background music creates with smooth sounds in combination. Nice one overall.       Cruisinlove  Phillipines

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Nick How


Hi All!

Lot's to chat about since we all went through that "thing" (what was it called again?) I took time out in the 2nd year of lockdown to do a heap of online music courses (fearing that my live career may never recover, as did so  many other muso's!)

The upshot is I've now got 2 songs ready to release and a heap more in pre-production.

         The first one "Keep Me Waiting" will be released November 25th 2022, I'll have more to say about a release party to be announced.

The second song "Randomizer" was me riffing around with something my 10 year old son, Daniel said: "Apparently I'm My Father's Randomizer!"

         My wife Sherryn and I grabbed a bottle of wine and a rhyming dictionary and BAM! there it was.

It was  co-produced by Joel Okeefe from Airbourne who like most other musicians on the planet, suddenly found themselves with time on their hands and I am delighted he jumped at the chance to get some cracking sounds happening for me. It was mastered by Melbourne's own "Jack the Bear" Mantz and will be released early in 2023.

        I'm lining up some gigs to go with all this so keep an eye on here as I will add them as they come to hand.

        Hope to catch you at a venue soon,




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